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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2005 9:28 pm 

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Hey fellas!
Just a comment on catch and release after all the bantering that I have observed (not on this particular sight - good work on that by the way) but about the new record 'eye and the opinion of many fishermen that the fish should have been released to maintain the resource.
I fish winter and summer and fish mostly catch and release with the exception of keeping nice pan-overloaders for eats. I fish strictly for walleye so with that said I see the occasional perch and burbot and maybe one pike a winter.
Here's my perspective. As I mentioned above I believe in C&R but I believe in C&R with a dash of wisdom and integrity. However to my point relevant to this posting ,
I believe that there is a huge difference between summer C&R and winter C&R that the average guy maybe doesn't consider.

Unless one fishes strictly in a nice warm shack; upon removing your catch from the hole you immediately expose the fish's protective slime and sensitive eye area to freezing - damage done. Secondly, I don't have to use any fingers to count the number of conscietious C&R fishemen that I've seen that have thought ahead and pounded a live well and that are ready to get the big girl in the wet stuff immediately, horizontal and in the water long enough to let her get her strength back. I can't believe that the vertical thing is very effective. You also have no opportunity to see if she's gonna belly up right away or how she'll react.
So with that .... C&R bleeding hearts give it a rest. If you are one of the few that goes to the effort .... good on yah! I have the utmost respect for the effort to honestly preserve my kid's resource!
thanks fellas

Flash your whopper!

 Post subject: Good point
PostPosted: Fri Jan 14, 2005 12:08 am 
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Good points you make there i'm in agreement with what you say. Allot of anglers that I have fished with or anglers that I do see out in the field would not be prepared to deal with a fish like this and release it to survive. Its the guys that target trophy fisheries are the ones I find that are more prepared. In a warm shack for sure would help but still a fish like that I could imagine the stress it would go through after it was measureed and maybe even weighed if the angler has a scale. And how long has the fish been out of the water before these anglers even get to measure and weigh it and then pictures taken, Guys are usually digging in there bags looking for there tape and then dig for the camera could you imagine if this was outside a shack going on on a cold day? the first thing I do when i'm out ice fishing or in the boat,once my lines are in my tape and camera and of course the pliers are all ready for that picture fish and for a quick release.As for the big walleye from Tobin being kept how many anglers would really realease a Provincial record fish? that would be a tough call.Of course I always incourage releasing big fish. But this would be a tough call if I was in the same situation. I could even see if the fish wasn't kept and only pictures were proof there would still be doubt from allot of people on whether it was a record fish. Either way I don't think you can win with the negativity from the people out there. FISH ON!

PostPosted: Mon Feb 14, 2005 1:52 am 
Greetings to all fellow Fisherman!

It is interested to follow all comments and different opinions re: latest World Record of Walleye caught under the ice at Tobin Lake, SK. on Jan 4, 2005.
There are a lot of good points to consider while fishing. Most of the passionate Fisherman know how to enjoy fishing without abusing the nature and the fish population.
For sure there gonna be situations in which each of us has to make the best personal decision.
What decision will you make knowing that on this late afteroon was below -30 C?
They were other fisherman fishing by especially one, Kurt who is the fishing guide at Tobin Lake. When he saw the fish said: I'm packing everything and lets go to find the digital scale because we are dealing with record fish. Nobody at the resort village had a digital scale. So, after 2 hours and 45min since the catch
I arrived at the Co-op in Nipawin, just 15 min before they close the store (about 38 km
away from the village).
I didn't know about all little tiny details that has to come together in order to be recognized as a record, especially world record. I'm willing to post a copy of application for the World Record which I sent to National Fresh Water Hall of Fame in Wisconson, USA where they recognize the World Records. I bet that most of us fisherman don't have a clue re: in which divisions the records are recognized? or even that they recognize ice fishing records!!!
So, as my Grama use to say ( she died at the age 95 ) that there is always something new to learn about our lives. Isn't that true?

Another issue that in your comments nobody mention about Tobin Lake - even though
some of you have done fishing on this Lake. There is a slot size: 55-80cm for walleye and 75-105cm for pike. The walleye on Tobin Lake has a guatantee that when is the most productive age ( average from 4 - 12 Lbs) has to be released. This is a reason why that Lake is a Trophy Lake.
I'll be glad to post more info and pictures related to this beauty World Record walleye and the story how I'm going to use my fortune to help the Fisherman effected Tsunami disaster to buy boats and fishing equipments which they need badly.
So, there is a challenge for you and for me. In due time I need your help, too.
I'll pass all info.

I need a contact with Dave Colibaba!!!
My phone# (306) 768-2348 or

Let my joy become yours. God bless you. I should go to bed a long time ago.

Fr. Mariusz Zajac "Father Walleye"

 Post subject: Thanks
PostPosted: Tue Feb 15, 2005 4:01 pm 
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Thanks I appreciatte your story and I'm sure others do also. Great story and great fish. I'm sure your life has change somewhat with this fish of a lifetime. Would love to see more photo's...NM

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