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 Post subject: Moose hunting tips
PostPosted: Sun Oct 03, 2010 5:57 pm 
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Hey guys I did ask a couple of members some pm info about this, but thought I would post it out there and see if any one else could help me.

I am new to the north country (3 years now) and am enjoying all the fishing time that I get in. However, the hunting has me very frustrated.
- reason #1 - I am a teacher and only get weekends to hunt, so I really can't get back in the bush for a good hardcore moose hunt. I have to hunt local or easier accessed areas, this means more traffic and more pressure on an already small moose population.
- reason #2 - I have not had a lot of lake hunting and thick-bush moose hunting experience. It is weird hunting blind, like not being able to see them first. I have hunted the Turtle mountain archery draw areas, farm country, and have only called when and if I see them first. Sometimes blind but only when I know they are in that specific spot. I feel like I am guessing so much of the time in this big thick bush. So I have not heard a lot of the moose around here or seen that many either. I have seen sign of them, but can not guage how to call. Which brings me to my next reason.
- reason #3 - I don't know what type of calling works best. I have used almost exclusively a long cow ball where I start high and go up and down for a long whiny call. This is how I was taught by my uncle who lives and guides in the Yukon. His moose are very vocal and he has elevation to help him spot moose first. Do guys use long cow calls, shorter cow calls, or bull grunts when they are hunitng (I guess raking plays into there too).??? Also how often are you guys calling? I have tried calling often, and tried just two sets of calls trying to call and then let the moose come a looking.

The lake hunting was frustrating me so this last weekend I found an old logging cut that is full of head high poplars and alders. I set up a tree stand on the edge and called Thurs night, Fri night and then Sat. Morning I hunted it. I had something in the bushes snapping branches. I can't say for sure it was a moose, but like to think so, cause there are not that many things that can break a branch that loud. The snaps were not altogether though, there were five or six spaced out over 45 min. The first one came right after I bull called for probably the third time or so that morning (around 8:30 - showed up at 5:30 and sat for a while in the dark) I am thinking that he was on his way in and then when I called he turned around and was just hanging around the edge, for a while pacing back and forth or something.

anyway, any advice I get is appreciated and I look forward to getting some feedback from some more successful northern hunters.


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 Post subject: Re: Moose hunting tips
PostPosted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:32 pm 
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use cow calls. Doesn't really matter how much you call. I,ve heard a cow bellow for an hour before.
Once you call they know where you are. Patients and good scouting

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